Motel One | Hotel
From 0 to 582 in 10 weeks

Motel One has been relying on Tenbrink’s specialists since 2009: Initially as a pure furniture supplier, today as a complete renovator and fitter for new hotels throughout Germany. From 2009 to the end of 2018 alone, this has resulted in around 2,000 new and renovated rooms per year. That’s why we know Motel One’s high design and quality standards very well – and implement them precisely time and time again. The new Berlin Upper West building of the hotel giant Motel One is another case when our client was able to fully count on us: Tenbrink supplied and installed all the wooden parts for 582 rooms in 70 room types over 18 floors, including wallpapering work on the headboard walls, as well as over 4,000 metres of wall panelling in the corridors in 12 weeks. In just 10 weeks, 469 additional rooms were created in Munich-Deutsches Museum hotel.

Our specialists were able to fully meet Motel One’s high expectations in terms of budget certainty, quality and adherence to deadlines in every single project right from the very start. For renovations undertaken during ongoing operations, Motel One also attaches great importance to uninterrupted work – one of our core competencies. The biggest challenge with new projects is always their extremely short lead times: For example, change requests from the customer sometimes only come through two weeks before construction is due to start. A special feature of Motel One are the individual design concepts in each hotel, which incorporate themes from the immediate surroundings yet still have a high recognition value. For various hotels, for example, we realised huge stained glass windows on the theme of Cologne Cathedral, 3D-printed paper aeroplanes as a decorative element and a bar board that is visually based on an aeroplane wing.

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