Ruhrkind | Gelsenkirchen | Gastro
Meat factory with industrial charm

Arrive and experience with all your senses: Fans of dry-aged steaks that matures by itself will get their money’s worth at this meat manufactory. For their new restaurant temple on the Ruhr, business partners Schlütter and Klix relied on the expertise of GKAD and its well-established partnership with Tenbrink: In only six weeks we were able to realise the “Ruhrkind” on 200 sqm with 125 seats, including the floor work, painting, lighting as well as the complete furnishings.

The industrial charm is underlined by dividing elements and windbreaks made of steel structures, some of which are arranged with corroded patina. The table tops are also eye-catchers, created in the style of the old Japanese wood preser-vation technique “Shou Sugi Ban”. The wall tiles – partly in split-slate look, partly painted – stylishly frame the ambience of the place Further special effects are provided by antique glasses or metal grids on which old butcher’s cleavers are firmly mounted. The counter front and part of the floor are tastefully framed by an antique copper look. Visitors are completely won over by the style of a butcher’s shop that has been given an antique, industrial look!

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