Purino | Gelsenkirchen | Gastro
Italian lifestyle in "Stölting Harbour”

Once you have experienced the Italian way of life, you will never want to do without it again. The “Purino” gives this feeling a home – and now it’s in “Stölting Harbour” too. The GKAD team developed this family-friendly Italian restaurant as an overall experience. The aim in this case was to maximise the authenticity of the gastronomic offer through a holistic interior design with valuable unique selling points. In the middle of the Graf Bismarck city quarter, directly on the waterfront, Tenbrink took over the floor work, painting, delivery and installation of the lighting as well as the complete furnishings across 450 sqm.


Table tops in aspen oak with a tree edge appear inviting. The benches have been specially constructed with the backrests designed as a pizza shovel. The ultimate highlight is the counter front with a bread tile look, something you can only get from Purino. For this, dried bread slices were scanned and printed on a 3D printer to produce negative moulds made out of rubber. The moulds were poured out and a variety of different plastic bread slices were finally mounted on the counter front. “Here, we were given the chance to show how we find special solutions to meet demanding customer requirements,” says Frank Wessels, Managing Director.

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