DEINHARD‘s | Bernkastel-Kues | Hotel
From the concept to furniture from our own production

An empty historical building from the 17th century located right next to the River Moselle and surrounded by vineyards was converted and now lays a monument to the famous sparkling wine brand “Deinhard”, which was bought in 2020 by the Peter Mertes Winery based in Bernkastel-Kues. Over several years and multiple construction stages, DEINHARD’s was lavishly transformed into an impressive wine hotel. The furnishing concept comes from our Tenbrink planning and covers both the story-telling as well as the layout planning and interior design. Numerous furnishing details make reference to the “divine drink”. The colour scheme includes the impression of vine leaves and grapevines, the fabrics shimmer softly in green and rosé. The lighting creates an atmospheric mood with a back-lit mirrors and furniture. A highlight are the wall lights, specially manufactured by our Tenbrink production team. The wall lights were made in our production facility using a mould created from an original Venetian Carnival mask.

Stripe-like wall panels that capture the impression of vines on the vineyard were designed for the walls and as room dividers. The walls behind the baths are another place where it was possible to put frosted glass and striped panels, making the light from the room shine through as if it was coming through vineyards. Cork was used to accentuate part of the furniture, such as the headboards for the beds and on the cupboard walls. The individual pieces of furniture were manufactured in our own Tenbrink production facility in Stadtlohn. Wall-mounted wine racks in the rooms were also individually planned and produced by us around the hotel’s high-quality glassware. Individual ideas and solutions – made by Tenbrink.

“Breathing new life into the building was fantastic. Tenbrink was a great partner for us and the whole team did a wonderful job – from planning to implementation.”

Michael Willkomm, Managing Director Peter Mertes

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