ALL IN | Cologne | Office
Good work in a feel-good atmosphere

Home for ALL IN Artist Management is to be found in Cologne’s Medienhafen. From here, international networks are used to launch stars for film, music and social media. ALL IN Artist Management is young and modern in how it thinks and how it works – and thanks to Tenbrink, its furnishing is now just as young. From September 2020 to February 2021, we acted as general contractor to redesign the entire offices extending over around 340 sqm. The goal of this project was not to achieve a cosmetic renovation, but to come up with a new overall concept with a completely new design with simultaneous time and cost certainty. “The working environment is changing,” says project manager Florian Schürmann. “Office concepts with a high feel-good factor can make all the difference for employers.”


The demolition work in September 2020 was the prelude to a tightly coordinated redesign of all agency premises – from the reception and corridor to the open-plan office and lounge area. Tenbrink took care of all the electrical, painting and flooring work as well as the complete furnishing. ALL INN is now living out the “New Work” concept: Everyone is part of one team, working together in an open and relaxed atmosphere. The planning and realisation have underlined this philosophy resulting in premises that are full of liveliness and that show what a really good place it is to work in!

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